Guest posts and interviews on Catherine Translates

Many translators and interpreters have written guest posts here or have let me interview them about their work. Each time I learn something new.


This is a roundup of their contributions.

Patricia Lane, November 2010

In Transcreation with Patricia Lane, Patricia gives us her definition of transcreation and how transcreation applies to her work.

Eve Bodeux, February 2011

Read How can freelance translators get the most out of LinkedIn to get tips on building a network and creating a strong profile.

Chris Durban, April 2011

In To sign or not to sign, Chris insists that translators attach their names to their translations whenever possible. This popular post sparked quite a debate, so be sure to read the comments.

Jennifer Bikkál Horne, August 2011

Translation certificate review: Back to school with NYU is a great post on professional development. Jen gives us a helpful, informative review of NYU translation (online) and interpreting (on-site) courses.

Matthew Young and Pippa Sandford, September 2011

Interested in speech recognition? Matthew and Pippa share their thoughts and experiences on dictating their translations: Talk, don’t type: Translating via Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Céline Graciet, January 2012

Read Systems and processes for freelance translators to see how Céline keeps her projects, invoices, taxes, and emails in order.

Nadia Price, February 2012

Nadia shares her business strategy with My business plan as a new freelance translator. Her business plan is concrete, feasible, and inspirational.

Juliette Scott, March 2012

If you’re an interpreter on the road, take a peek inside Juliette’s suitcase here: One interpreter’s road kit. Careful though, you may end up buying a iPad this weekend.

Allison Wright, May 2012

By far the longest post on this blog, Allison’s Translating a 125,000-word book: connections and corrections is packed with insights on teaming up with others when working on a large-volume project.


As some of us said in 10 questions for fellow bloggers, guest posts make lovely additions to our blogs. I’m grateful for everyone’s participation.

If you’d like to write a guest post for Catherine Translates, please see my Guest Posts page and get in touch.

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  1. You certainly do have a talent for making your guests feeling very welcome, Catherine. 🙂 I would encourage others to experience the pleasure that it is to work with you!

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